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Big cloud

Why do I bother … why do I Try? Maybe cause id rather do something than just cry. Life’s not easy and friends are hard to come by. But we are not alone in our quest to fly. We shall all take to the skies as the ground sinks into abyss. We shall all elevate our game just like our first kiss. We as people must make sure those that feel alone know… it gets better man just live and grow. One Day you’ll be be so high you’ll forget about being so low. Your mood will soar with us and glide with the wind flow. Lets all be clouds together my sisters and bros. And if anyone fucks with us lets rage and storm. Destroy those that oppose our being and physical form. They are just jealous that we fly together as they swarm. On the ground beneath us they rot and turn into food for the worms. And when they seek help from death let us rain down on them with kindness. For they can join us now too for they have recovered from their blindness.


I like the way your hair dances when you move. I love the way you smile when you start to groove. And like alfalfa sang “You are so beautiful to me, can’t you see?”and like a caged bird you struggle to be free. Were both fucked in the head but we keep our struggle going. Living isn’t living if you give up pissing and moaning. Life is a struggle sure but I know that it’s much more. So lets talk about life with you the girl that I adore. You take none of my advances serious maybe I’m saying something wrong? So I start to brainstorm after ripping a packed bong. And then I start to realise that maybe all along. My chances of failing were always really strong. So why not give up and settle for being alone? Cause life’s a struggle lady now let THIS dog give you a bone. Maybe breakfast after cause that’s what a princess deserves. Or maybe round three or four.. so ill use up all my reserves. Ill Give you every fiber of me in hopes you’ll keep me in your mind. Well this tape is played out so please be kind and rewind. :)

Random Thoughts

Sometimes taking a break from it all is just what you need. A nice couple of days filled with television and weed. Ride the adventure out on your trusty stead. Maybe chill with wenches and sip on some strong Mead. Maybe give out your heart and you can take the lead. Into changing your own life maybe now you’ll live like you’re freed. Blah blah blah anal bead.


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